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Produce Section  2019

Staging is strictly between 9.00 am and 10.45 am

An entry form must be completed and passed to a Produce Tent Steward before Staging.  Unless otherwise stated entry fee for classes 1 - 82 is 50 pence.  Prizes awarded for 1st (£2.50) and 2nd (£1.50) place only.


Restricted to residents in the parishes of Llanarmon, Llandegla and Llanferres only

Please place entries on a white plate

Class 1     Potatoes x 5 (any variety)

Class 2     Runner Beans x 5 (display flat)

Class 3     Tomatoes x 3 with stalks (no stem)

Class 4     Beetroot x 3 with tops cut to approx. 3"

Class 5     Carrots x 3 with tops cut to approx. 3"

Class 6     Courgettes x 3

Class 7     Onions (from sets) x 3

Class 8     Onions (from seed) x 3

Class 9     Broad Beans x 5

Class 10   Marrow

Class 11   Peas x 6 pods

Class 12   Cucumber

Class 13   Any vegetable not listed


Open to everyone

Please place entries on a white plate

Class 14   Potatoes x 5 (any variety)

Class 15   Runner Beans x 5 (display flat)

Class 16   Tomatoes x 5 with stalks

Class 17   Beetroot x 3 with tops cut to approx. 3"

Class 18   Carrots x 3 with tops cut to approx. 3"

Class 19   Courgettes x 3

Class 20   Onions (from sets) x 3

Class 21   Onions (from seed) x 3

Class 22   Broad Beans x 5

Class 23   6 Matched eggs

Class 24   Longest stick of Rhubarb excluding leaf

Class 25   6 Raspberries

Class 26   Small punnet of soft fruit

Class 27   Dessert Apples x 3

Class 28*  Basket of vegetables

Class 29   Basket of herbs

Class 30   Dish of salad vegetables

Class 31   Any vegetable not listed

Class 32   An unusual/funny shaped vegetable

* Entry fee for Class 28 Basket of Vegetables is £2.00 and prize money is:   1st = £20     2nd = £15     3rd = £5

                                                                                      FLORAL PRODUCE - LOCAL

                                                                                            Restricted to residents in the parishes of Llanarmon, Llandegla and Llanferres only

                                                                                            Class 33   Sweet peas x 5

                                                                                            Class 34   Single Rose Stem

                                                                                            Class 35   House plant (max size pot 20cm)

                                                                                      FLORAL PRODUCE - OPEN

                                                                                            Class 36   Sweet peas x 12

                                                                                            Class 37   Single Rose Stem

                                                                                            Class 38   Dahlia x 3

                                                                                            Class 39   Stem of home grown Lily

                                                                                            Class 40   Vase home grown Garden Flowers

                                                                                            Class 41   Begonia in Bloom

                                                                                            Class 42   Fuchsia in bloom

                                                                                            Class 43   House plant (max size pot 20cm)


Class 44   Tall and Slim:  any height, width 25 cms

Class 45   Colour me outrageous:  max 30 x 40 cms

Class 46   Roses, all pink:  max width 30 cms, any height 

Class 47   Is it a cake or flower arrangement;  30 cms, any height

Class 48   Children -8yrs: Flowers in egg cup with toy

Class 49   Children +8yrs: Flowers inspired by action hero


Class 50   7-8" Victoria Sandwich: jam, no cream

Class 51   6 x Brownies

Class 52   A fruit loaf

Class 53   6 plain shortbread biscuits

Class 54   Homemade Jar of Marmalade

Class 55   Homemade Jar of Raspberry Jam

Class 56   Homemade Jar of Lemon Curd

Class 57   Cottage Loaf

Class 58   Banana Bread

Class 59   6 Fruit Scones

Class 60   Plate fruit pie: any fruit

Class 61   6 Butterfly Cakes

Class 62   6 Chocolate Eclairs 

Class 63   MEN ONLY:  Ginger Cake


Class 64   Drawing of plant or flower: max 60 x 45 cms, including frame

Class 65   Watercolour: max 60 x 45 cms, including frame

Class 66   Acrylic/Oil Painting:  max 60 x 45 cms including frame

Class 67   Pastels: Spring  max 60 x 45 cms including frame

Class 68   Cross Stitch item

Class 69   Hand knitted jumper/cardigan (any size)

Class 70   Handmade toy, any medium

Class 71   Item made from re-cycled materials

Class 72   Homemade wreath any materials

Class 73   Handmade item in any medium not included in the classes above

Class 74   Poem: "Wishful Thinking"


(Photos may be pinned directly onto display board)

Class 75   Parent and child(ren)   5"x 7" max excluding frame

Class 76   Pets   5"x 7" max excluding frame

Class 77   See, lakes and/or rivers   5"x 7" max excluding frame 

Class 78   Humour, with caption   5"x 7" max excluding frame 


Class 79   Home-made Gin based liqueur

Class 80   Home-made Vodka based liqueur

Class 81   Any Home-made Wine

Class 82   Any Non Alcoholic Drink


Class 83   Miniature garden in shoe box

Class 84   Poem: Playing in the snow

Class 85   Decorated Wooden Spoon

Class 86   Friendship Bracelet

Class 87   Collage made from re-cycled materials  A4 size

Class 88   Picture:  My Teacher  A4 size

Class 89   Pasta & Seeds Picture   A4 size

Class 90   3 x Digestive Biscuits decorated by yourself


Class 91   A photo of a pet taken by you max 10 x 15 cms

Class 92   Picture by you:  Platform 9 3/4    A4 size

Class 93   Model car made from recycled materials

Class 94   Picture:  A sports scene

Class 95   3 x Digestive Biscuits decorated by yourself

Class 96   Party Invitation, max 19 x 13 cms

Class 97   Design a poster for a Festival,  A4 size

Class 98   Poem: "Ship wrecked on an unknown Island"

There is no entry fee for classes 83 - 98.  Prizes awarded for Children's section are 1st (£2.00),  2nd (£1.50) & 3rd (£1.00).

The Produce Tent will be open for public viewing after 1.00pm, ONCE the judging has taken place.

All entries and prize money to be collected between 4.00pm and 4.15pm.

The presentation of Cups will take place at 4.00pm.




The Weather on Show Day has been forecast as a Storm with winds expected of up to 50 mph.


For safety reasons, the decision has been made to CANCEL the Main Show events. 


This was a difficult decision to make but the tents and stalls would not survive such weather!


We are sorry to disappoint and hope to see you all again next year.  We value your support.  

Save the date:  Saturday 8th August 2020

PLEASE NOTE:  The Sheepdog Trials will still run.