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Horse Show    2024

Entry Fees  £ 5.00 per Class

Thank you to all the Class Sponsors

Ring 1          WELSH IN-HAND CLASSES               To commence @ 9.30am

Class 1         Section A or B

                       Sponsored by Awesome Equine Sweet Itch and Fly Rugs

Class 2         Section C or D  

                       Sponsored by Creative Turtle Rosettes and Sashes

Class 3         Welsh Part Bred

                       Sponsored by G.S. Jones and Son


Sponsored by Sue Jones

                       OPEN IN-HAND CLASSES

Class 4         Young Handler - 13 years and under

                       Sponsored by P & C Tilston, Animal Feeds

Class 5         Best mare or gelding - any age, any height

                       In Memory of Great Gusto

Class 6         Veteran horse or pony - 15 years or over 

                      Sponsored by Euro Vet Physio

Class 7          Coloured Horse or Pony

                         In Memory of Juno   

Class 8         Mountain and Moorland

                         Sponsored by Leadbrook Hall Livery 

Class 9         Cob type – any Height

                       Sponsored by Jeanie Barton

Class 10       Cutest pony the Judge would most like to take home

                       Sponsored by Claire Caldwell, Vet Chiropractor



Sponsored by JayJay’s Smallholding Sitting



Ring 2         OPEN RIDDEN CLASSES                   To commence @ 10.30am

Class 11        Tack and Turnout – any height

                        In Memory of Joe

Class 12        Lead rein 

                       Sponsored by Freedom Saddlery 

Class 13        First ridden 

                       Sponsored by JayJay's Smallholding Sitting

Class 14        Cutest pony the Judge would most like to take home

                       Sponsored by Leadbrook Hall Livery

Class 15        Riding pony – not exceeding 14.2hh

                       Sponsored by Freedom Saddlery

Class 16        Mountain and Moorland

                       Sponsored by Inspirations Beauty and Aesthetics

Class 17        Veteran pony – not exceeding 14.2hh - 15 years and over

                       Sponsored by Euro Vet Physio 



Sponsored by Freedom Saddlery

Class 18        Fancy Dress – Mounted or Unmounted

                       Sponsored by Iwan Thomas, Farrier

Class 19        Novice – rider/horse or pony

                       Sponsored by Freedom Saddlery

Class 20        Family horse or pony – any height

                       In memory of Hydref

Class 21        Retrained Racehorse

                       Sponsored by Greenall Guerriero Racing 

Class 22        Coloured horse or pony – any height

                       Paddy Me Lad Memorial

Class 23        Local horse or pony – any height – within  5 miles of                               showground

                       In memory of Star White

Class 24        Cob type

                       Sponsored by Jeanie Barton

Class 25        Riding Horse – over 14.2hh

                       Berlin Memorial

Class 26        Veteran horse – over 14.2hh – 15 years and over

                       Sponsored by Euro Vet Physio



Sponsored by Freedom Saddlery

Horse Competitions


  1. It is deemed a condition of entry that the Organiser holds no liability for accident, damage or injury to horses, owners, riders, grooms or any person or property whatsoever whilst on the Showground.

  2. The Organising Committee reserve the right to refuse any entries it may think fit.  Also to exclude and withhold any prizes offered, if in the opinion of the judge, the exhibits do not possess sufficient merit.

  3. No entry fee will be refunded unless a Vets certificate is produced.

  4. The judges decision is final.  Any objection must be accompanied by a deposit of £5.00 within 15 minutes of the end of the class.

  5. ALL RIDERS must wear Hats which comply to BS4472, 6473, EN1384, PAS015 or PAS accredited while mounted, whether exhibiting or not.

  6. Young Handlers under 14 years of age MUST wear Hard Hats.

  7. All Colts must be handled by a person over 16 years of age and be adequately bitted and under control.

  8. An exhibitor may not knowingly exhibit a pony bred, sold, leased, produced, broken, or trained by the judge, and / or his/her immediate family or employer.  A rider may not ride in a Class judged by someone for whom he/she has ridden in the show ring in the same year,

  9. Lead Rein Ponies to be led by an attendant and shown in a snaffle bridle, the lead rein to be attached to the noseband only.

  10. Show Canes/Whips are not to exceed 30” (75cms).  In Lead rein classes plain or leather covered canes ONLY may be used.

  11. All Mountain and Moorland, Native / Traditional type horse or pony to be shown in natural state.

  12. Exhibitors signatures on the Entry Form signifies acceptance of the above conditions.

Horse Competitions
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